How to Lay Floor Tile On a Concrete Floor with an Uneven Surface?

It is true to say that installing floor tiles over a concrete floor can significantly increase the durability of the surface making it much stronger. It's important to mention that this project is very simple and does not require more than one person to complete it successfully. By laying high-rate floor tiles you can greatly decrease their breaking or cracking. But unfortunately, you can often notice that the floor tiles that were recently laid, can sometimes easily stain or crack and the floor is not very attractive in general. What does it mean you will probably ask? It is obvious that the tiles were installed on an uneven surface of a concrete floor.

But what can be done if you have an uneven concrete floor? How to lay floor tile on the floor of this kind? Further you're given a few instructions on how to do it correctly.

First of all, you'll need to tub the concrete floor with the help of a hoe that will help you to remove any dust and debris. Then the floor has to be swept with a rather soft broom. After you've swept the floor make sure that it is really clean. The next step includes making the surface even. For it you'll need to mark the low and high spots on the floor tiles. Then prepare the concrete surface leveller and mix it according to the instructions in the manufacturer's manual. The received mixture should have the consistency of like tooth-paste. This paste has to be applied only onto the holes on the concrete surface. Ensure that there are no air bubbles in the concrete surface paste and it is completely smooth. More compensator can be added to the make it smoother and more even. The levelling paste should rest well for a day or so, only then the surface can be washed with some warm water. Let it dry well.

Prepare the floor tiles and apply a mortar layer with the help of a trowel. Start installing the tiles from the room's center and use spacers to create even columns and rows. Between the tiles spacers should be used. They will prevent the tiles from overlapping when laid. Each tile should be pressed down well enough, you can apply pressure of a large wood piece above the tile. As a result, you'll get an even, well inserted and fixed floor.

The next step presupposes applying of grout between the floor tiles. It should be applied only in the gaps, avoid applying it on the tiles but even if you do remove the excess grout with a dry soft sponge. Level pads will help you to make the surface smooth and even. Then you'll have to apply a coating of sand powder (about ? inches thick) on the concrete. Leave it set for several hours. Only then the floor tiles can be washed with some warm water.

Now you know how to lay floor tile on an uneven floor, however, you are recommended to consider the following tips and cautions when completing the project:

Wear gloves, goggles, and boots to feel more secure and protected.
After you have installed the tiles, seal the floor with a good sealant.
If any breakage took place in the installation process it's advised to find professional help.
Always purchase 5% extra tiles in case of the shortage period.
Your work will be made neater and safer if you use the right tools.
It is recommended not to walk on recently laid tiles.
Keep pets and children away while installing the tiles.

So, don't lose you time and start doing the installation project as soon as possible. Good luck!

January, 2016 by Joelle