How to Repair the Refrigerator Door Seal

Most of refrigerator doors already possess a rubber seal on the inside of the fridge unit. What is the rubber seal in fact? It sometimes refers to as a refrigerator gasket that is used in order to maintain the cool temperature of the inside of the fridges, source It helps to protect the food. Freezer units are also common for using the seals.

In a case of numerous openings and closings of the refrigerator, it is not a surprise that the seal will inevitably become worn as well as creates gaps which can easily lead to leakage of cool air.

This situation can lead to spoiling the food and even worse, you will waste your money on electrical bills. The lifespan of the refrigerator may be shortened in a case when the seals become cracked. If to use the correct equipment, parts as well as tools, it won't make any difficulties to repairing the seal on the refrigerator. It will save your fridge and help to save energy directly.

If your refrigerator seal has cracked and needs to be repaired, all you need is to have a few materials. They are: weather stripping tape, a new refrigerator seal, and a screwdriver.

If you have all these materials, you may do the following steps in order to make your refrigerator as if you have just bought it:

Step #1

First of all it is necessary to buy the appropriate refrigerator seal for the door. Remember to check the label of the fridge that is present within the fridge. You will be informed all the measurements as well as dimensions that are required. You may also be provided with a product model number. On the off chance that there is no label within the fridge, be sure to measure the seal of the door yourself. It is important to replace the seal in a correct way, using all the dimensions. It is also possible to purchase a replacement seal from any store which sells appliances.

Step #2

The next step is to locate the retainer which is attached to the perimeter of the door. In order to lock the retainer of the fridge, it is necessary to lift the inside edge of the seal and loosen the screws which are used for it.

The seal should slip from beneath the retainer of the fridge. Though, it is important to make sure that you do not apply excessive force.

Step #3

Next thing you should do is to slip the seal of the door from behind the liner. Start to locate the new door seal into the top of the refrigerator. Be sure that you fit the seal around the entirety of the fridge. After the seal is completely in place, make sure that the door can open and close. This will ensure that the seal is properly aligned. Do not forget to check that the screws are thoroughly retightened.

Step #4

It is important to check the door for gaps as well as twists in the seal. In order to close any gaps, the weather tape should be used. In order to shape the seal as well, you may also use a blow dryer.

March, 2016 by Joelle